AED Donation - Can We Count On You?


Fenney East AED Program - “Neighbors Saving Neighbors”

We’re requesting our residents to take a look at the attached donation schedule and if you haven’t submitted your $110; please send in your donation today.


We’re relaunching our efforts to support the Fenney East AED program.  If you’re new to Fenney East or unfamiliar with “Neighbors Saving Neighbors” AED Program, we’ve provided some answers to frequently asked questions.

  • What is ‘Neighbors Saving Neighbors’?

It’s a very important initiative by the Fenney East residents to purchase 5 AEDs for our community. We’re asking that each household donate $110 to fund our initiative to bring Fenney East residents life-saving devices called AEDs. 53% of Fenney East residents have already donated!!

  • What does my donation pay for?

Your $110 donation is a one-time donation to pay for expenses for the 5-year launch period. Resident donations have already purchased 5 AED units but we still need to purchase the equipment to mount the units around the neighborhood and start the volunteer notification system.  We also need to pay for the monthly notification system for volunteer responders, AED batteries and replacement pads following AED use.  We still need to purchase the mounting posts for the AEDs.  

  • What is an AED?

When sudden cardiac arrest occurs, the heart starts to flutter (fibrillate) but not adequately enough to pump blood.  The AED is a battery operated device that diagnoses whether a heart needs to be defibrillated (shocked) into a normal rhythm.

  • Why should I donate to the “Neighbors Saving Neighbors” program?

According to a Mayo Clinic study, people who experience a cardiac event:

  • Have only 6 minutes to live…or die
  • If they can achieve a 1 minute decrease in call-to-shock time, it increases their odds of survival by 57%
  • If they can achieve a 3 minute decrease in call-to-shock time, it increases their odds of survival by 4 times.
  • Our closet fire station is 4.5 minutes away in the best of conditions. By having an AED closer we can help save a life.

  • How do I know which residents still need to submit a donation?

Take a look at the donation schedule.  If your home/lot isn’t colored green, we haven’t received your donation. 


  • What can residents do to help?

If you see a home near yours and they haven’t donated (their lot isn’t green), please talk to your neighbor and ask them to send in their $110.


  • Where do we send our donation?

Donations should be made payable to ‘Fenney East AED Program’. Checks can be mailed or dropped off at 5678 Zebra Longwing Path,  The Villages, FL 32163.  You can also contact me (Keith) at 407-256-9936 and I’ll be happy to pick up your donation from you at your convenience.

Donation Schedule : Updated 10.23.2020



Thank you for supporting Neighbors Saving Neighbors AED Program


~ Keith Blanchard

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